F.U.E.C.H. Board Meeting of 20th May 2011

in A – 1010 Vienna, Hotel Astoria, Führichgasse 1


President HCG Mdme. A.K. Bauknecht welcomes all members in attendance at 09.30 hrs.. The President thanked the President of UCCA HCG Dr. W. Breitenthaler to host the FUECH- Board Meeting in Vienna.


The minutes of the latest Board Meeting in Paris had been approved unanimously.


The Board decided on membership matters as well as decided to establish an official “F.U.E.C.H. Cross of Merit” to be awarded to Heads of States, Ministers, Diplomats and outstanding persons, who have earned important merits in supporting the aims of FUECH.


The Diplomatic Vice-President Dr. G. Suha had been requested to check possibilities of cooperation with international institutions, FUECH already is registered with the European Commission as organisation representing the interests of Honorary Consuls in Europe.


Unanimously it was decided to extend regular membership on individual basis to CCs of european states not members in the EC. The CC of Principality of Liechtenstein had been approved as regular member of FUECH.

The Board-Meeting ended at 12.00 hrs and was followed by a Lunch at Hotel Astoria, where President Mdme. HCG A.K. Bauknecht thanked for efficient cooperation of all Board-Members.


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