F.U.E.C.H. – Management Board Meeting and General Assembly 2014 in Vienna

On 11th of October 2014 members of the F.U.E.C.H.-Management Board met at the seat of F.U.E.C.H. in Vienna, followed by the F.U.E.C.H. General Assembly 2014.

President Hon. Consul General Dr. Wolfgang Breitenthaler expressed his thanks to the Board-Members for their valuable initiatives to support the Honorary Consuls in the member-associations resp. to strengthen the status of Honorary Consuls on European level and stressed the excellent cooperation with the European Institutions in Brussels. As new Board-Members had been coopted unanimously Hon. Consul General Frans van Lanschot (NL, Secretary General) and Hon. Consul General Dipl. Ing. Janos Bocsanczy (H, 1st Vice-President)

F.U.E.C.H. as accredited organisation of Honorary Consuls Associations in Europe to the European Commission will continue its successful path working on behalf of its member-organisations as well as to meet the wishes of newly established national and regional Consular-Associations for membership with F.U.E.C.H. resp. to contribute to realisation of the aims of F.U.E.C.H.. The General Assembly welcomed with standing ovations as new members the Consular Associations of Italy (President Ambassador ret Umberto Vattani), Malaga (Dean Hon. Consul Baldomero Rodiles-San Miguel Pardo), Valencia (Dean Hon. Consul Leopoldo Lopez Manez) and Albania (President Hon. Consul Ylli Ndroqi). In line with an unanimously decision of the Board-Meeting in Malta the General Assembly voted on an amended Constitution, which will allow also regional Consular Associations to join F.U.E.C.H.. The attending Delegate of San Marino (Hon. Consul Isabella M. Gumpert) was welcomed as Observer of CC-San Marino. In the evening the Delegates enjoyed a typical Viennese “Heurigen”-Dinner, tasting excellent dishes and wines from the region.

The day before Dr. Kurt Gaissert, External Policy Adviser of Stuttgart Region European Office, has informed at the F.U.E.C.H.-Workshop in RZB-Bank the Deans and Presidents about the current developments in the EU and the European Diplomatic Service as well as the important role of Honorary Consuls in Europe today and in the future.

The Workshop was followed by a U.C.C.A.-Cocktail-Reception for F.U.E.C.H.-Delegates and Austrian, Hungarian and Slovak Honorary Consuls, hosted by Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich (Director Komm.-Rat Mag. E. Rosi) at the Skyconference-Hall, providing an excellent view over the City of Vienna.  

Delegates of the F.U.E.C.H.-General Assembly in Vienna at Hotel Astoria

RZB-Director Komm.-Rat Mag. E. Rosi welcomes U.C.C.A. and F.U.E.C.H.-Delegates at the Consul’s Reception


President of CC-Slovakia HCG Michal Lörincz, HC Dr. T. Roepsdorff      HC Erik Molnar, HC Dr. R. Käuffler


HC Dr. P. Freissler, Guest, Dr. Suzanne Jelinkova,                  HCG Frans van Lanschot, President CC-Netherlands
HCG Dr. W. Breitenthaler,  HC Jean-Jacques Baron
Haus & wife,                                                                                                                                          


HCG Dr. W. Breitenthaler, HC Dr. R. Käuffler, HCG KR A. Chyba,          HC Isabella M. Gumpert, HVC Mag. E. Schubrig
HC Mag. P. Stania  

 President HCG Frans van Lanschot, HCG Dr. W. Breitenthaler, Edlira Cepani, Senior Adviser Dr. K. Gaissert, Chief of Protocol MFA Ambassador Dr. B. Kirnbauer, Dean HC Baldomero Rodiles-San Miguel Pardo & wife, HC Dr. Romero Boldt


HCem. Mario Bruna & wife, HC Dr. T. Roepsdorff & spouse      HC Mag. P. Stania, Dean HC Baldomero Rodiles-San Miguel     


          HC L. Dyk, HCG KR A. Chyba, HC Dipl.Ing. M.A. Hiedler       HC DDr. Marc Aicardi de Saint Paul, HC J.J. Baron Haus

 All photos subject the Reception had been provided by the Magazine “European Diplomacy and Economics”.


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