F.U.E.C.H. – Managing Board Meeting on 12th May 2017 at Salles Hotel Centro, Malaga, Spain

On 12th of May 2017 the F.U.E.C.H.-Board met at Salles Hotel Centro in Malaga, Spain. President Hon. Consul General Cav. Dr. W. Breitenthaler welcomed the F.U.E.C.H. Managing Board-Members as well as the Presidential Advisors, who travelled from all over Europe to attend this meeting.


The Board officially welcomed the Delegate of the new member “Corps Consulaire des Alpes-Maritimes” (Nice) Hon. Consul DDr. Marc Aicardi de Saint Paul as well as decided among other matters according the Agenda of the meeting. Secretary General Mdme. Hon. Consul Karin I. van Royen-Winkelman, Vice-President of the Netherland Consular Corps, forwarded the greetings of the newly elected Board of the Nederland Consular Corps.to F.U.E.C.H...


In the morning of 12th of May the F.U.E.C.H.-Managing Board had been received by the Mayor of Malaga, Hon. Francisco de la Torre Prados, as well as by the Dean of the Consular Corps of Malaga, Hon. Consul Pedro Megías Gonzáles, to the City Hall for a working-meeting in order to be introduced to the international activities and local initiatives of the City of Malaga in cooperation with the Consular Corps accredited to region of Malaga.


In the evening the F.U.E.C.H.-Board and spouses had been invited to a Cocktail and Consul’s Dinner at the newly refurbished Grand Hotel Miramar, where a meeting with the members of Corps Consulaire Malaga, among them also the Vice-Dean Hon. Consul Fausto Martinez Villa, took place and networking among friends was enabled. Several issues of consular work had been discussed resp. will be followed up at the next meeting in Vienna.


On Saturday, 13th of May, the members of the Board and spouses, after a tour to the city centre of Marbella and the luxury harbour of Puerto Banus, had been invited by the General Manager (ret) of the famous Marbella Club Hotel Count Rudolf von Schönburg to a Champagne-Reception at the Club’s terrace and a tour to the Club and its premises.


This was highly appreciated by all guests in attendance, especially the authentic details explained by Count Schönburg about the origins and foundation of the Club by Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe and the high-times of the Club in the sixties, seventies and eighties of the 20th century as a prime jet-set destination delivered information about the development of the Costa del Sol to an attractive tourist destination as it is today.


F.U.E.C.H.-President, Mayor Francisco de la Torre Prados, Dean Hon. Consul Pedro Megías González


F.U.E.C.H. – Managing Board in the City Hall of Malaga f.l.t.r.:

Hon. Consul Andreas Huber (VP), Hon. Consul Dr. Raoul Käuffler (PA), Hon. Consul DDr. Marc Aicardi de Saint Paul (PA), Hon. Consul Karin Van Royen-Winkelman (SG), Hon. Consul General Cav. Dr. Wolfgang Breitenthaler (P), Hon. Consul Jean-Jacques Baron Haus (VP)

F.U.E.C.H. – Managing Board with Mayor, Dean and Members of Corps Consulaire of Malaga

F.U.E.C.H. – Board, Dean, Vice-Dean and Members of Consular Corps of Malaga

In front of house of birth of PABLO PICASSO

Roman theatre and arab fortress

Cordial Welcome at Marbella Club Hotel by General Manager (ret) Count Rudolf (Rudi) von Schulenburg

Drinks and delicious fingerfood, introduction to development of the Costa del Sol to a touristic top-destination,

Marbella Club Hotel was the first in the region to establish high-quality tourism in the early 1950s,

founded by Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe and managed by Count Rudolf von Schönburg.

... tour to the Club, introducing the luxurious premises of the Marbella Club Hotel


... Champagne Reception on the terrace, introducing the Bar

The Club is frequently booked by Consulates and Diplomatic Missions for various events

Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu Hon. Consuls, come again to meet here with friends !


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